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Battlerite Royale

Battlerite Royale goes free-to-play today

Even if the official announcement did not trigger yet, the game is scheduled to go free to play today. Stunlock Studios announced this throughout the previous week, constating the big change coming to the game. It will also include various balance tweaks in both MOBA and Battle Royale versions of the game.

The Steam page is still not updated, which means the reveal will occur later today. For those not knowing, Battlerite Royale is a fresh Battle Royale experience with a top-down camera. Players are casting different abilities picked up in form of items throughout the whole map.

Battlerite Royale was considered to be a fairly expensive video game. Having a price tag of $20 definitely hardens the possibility of buying the game, knowing that it doesn’t have that much content to dive into.

For player’s luck, this day may be a really nice day both for the community and fans, simply because the concurrent player base has always been low in Battlerite Royale. That was probably causing repetitive gameplay, meeting the same people over and over again.

Battlerite Royale goes free-to-play today, February 19.



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