Clans is a feature coming in The Division 2, allowing Clan creation and Management

Even if The original Division title was somewhat a disappointment until a series of patches recovered that, we may see a surprise coming in its sequel. The Division 2 will include Raids for the first time in the franchise. With that being said, the game needs an appropriate feature where players and teams could be managed. Worry not, there will be Clans feature!

The new feature offers an ability for players to create and manage clans in-game. Now that we have different specs and raids, we may see more intensive gameplay and requirement prior to the hardest content in the game. We assume that Raids in Division 2 will offer the hardest content in the game.

Now let’s talk more about the feature. Being available as soon as the game releases, players may create a clan, with a capacity of up to 50 accounts with up to 4 characters each. This feature will be locked behind a certain content. After completing The main story, you will be able to create a clan.

Similar to other MMOs, this feature will enhance clan notifications, throughout the clan feed, but also throughout the clan chat. Each clan will get access to two voice channels with up to 25 members each.

This will also ease the job for individuals who want to join a clan. Searching for a clan will be something similar to what World of Warcraft has.


  • When searching for a clan, you will be presented with a number of options enabling you to find a clan that best suits your particular needs or playstyle.
  • Activities – The primary focus of the clan, PvE, PvP or both.
  • Most Active Times – The time of day the clan is the most active.
  • Atmosphere – The general atmosphere of the clan; would you prefer a relaxed easy-going clan, a clan focused on certain aspects of the game or a highly competitive PvP clan?
  • Mic Requirement – If the clan requires a microphone to be able to join.
  • Language – The primary spoken language of the clan.
  • Region – The geographical location of the clan members.

Therefore, the feature contains a lot of vital options but also eases the job for both Clan leaders and applicants. Worry not, if you’re a Clan Leader and would love to avoid applications or their queue to the clan, you may do it so by changing the Clan privacy.

According to Massive, there will be three privacy levels to choose from. That is, Open, Invite Only and Private. Open means it’s searchable and open for all players. Invite only is searchable byt requires an application to be sent and reviewed. Private cannot be applied to but only invited by clan’s leadership.

As usual, this clan feature will provide Clan Leaders with ranks. This will give them an ability to rank each player in the clan according to the current state. Whether is that a Commander, Lieutenant, Agent, and Recruit, you will be able to assign each and every clan member.

Commanders and Lieutenants will have the opportunity to review applications, including their current gear. As a reference, this will fit their choice a lot easier.

  • Commander – The leader of the clan which has access to all administrative functions of the clan.
  • Lieutenant – The officer rank, which will be able to send out invites, review applications, promote and demote members as well as moderate the clan feed.
  • Agent – The established clan member able to invite potential recruits to the clan.
  • Recruit – The recruit is a new member of the clan with limited access to administrative clan functionality.

Clans will probably be the most vital feature in Division 2 spicing up the end-game for all the members of that particular clan. Similar to WoW, each event they participate together will grant Clan XP, unlocking additional clan customization options for the Insignia.

Clans Quarters

Being this big of a feature, the East Wing of the White House will serve as a socialize bay, a place where all the members can have fun. This is a huge move for Massive and The Division 2. We honestly hope for an energetic launch and insanely huge player base since the startup.

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