Fortnite Earthquakes are tearing the map apart

Another Earthquake pinpointing a huge and remarkable event. While the Overtime challenges still last and Season 7 is before an end, we’re looking at something Epic Games hasn’t done before. Earthquake tremors began a while ago, and now their magnitude is growing higher. In the end, it may tear the whole map apart. The earthquake tremors have managed to make a crack in the ground close to Lazy links and Tomato Town.

Being before a release of a new season, these activities are highly expected, even if occurred each day throughout the rest of Season 7. Therefore, if you’re a tough fan, make sure you open your eyes for special activities. The one crack next to Lazy Links is considered to be the last one caused by the series of earthquakes.

All of this pinpoints to somewhat an interesting plot to Season 8. The question is, what would the storyline be. All of these fissures seem like they are about to expand, separating important map areas. But if you think deeper, all of this may be connected to the Prisoner skin.

We’re also waiting for The Prisoner’s fourth style to be released as an obtainable. According to the look of the skin and its lava veins, we may witness Volcanos for the first time in Fortnite. Don’t mind us, we’re just figuring the possibilities, and that possibility is quite a strong one.

Overall, we’re ready to witness whatever’s next.

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