Fortnite has a brand new Apex Legends Inspired Ping System

Having a strong competition surely provides more features in any game of the same genre. Such as Apex Legends and their impact on other BR games. Since the release, Apex Legends has introduced us to their innovative ping system, allowing players to communicate a lot cleaner without facing any difficulties. Therefore, Fortnite adopted something similar.

If previously you’ve been opening the map to left click just to mark any movement in Fortnite, now that is gone. You won’t need to struggle that hard in order to give info to your teammates. Fortnite’s latest ping system is somewhat simpler than Apex Legends, allowing players to just ping a location, enemy, or loot.

Pinging on the map pretty much remains the same. However, placing a 3D marker while in the middle of a fight it is something beautiful.

Let’s simplify and explain some of its uses:

  • – Single click on scroll or middle mouse button – Ping a Location or Loot –  Party color related.
  • – Double click on scroll or middle mouse button, hold right click + middle mouse button – Ping an Enemy Location

This change will surely contribute to a much better and more understanding team play, peculiarly in public games. Fortnite on the other side continues knows how to correctly adopt and use a system, if found in any other game. If considered as useful, there’s nothing strange to see it in Fortnite.

To be honest, as much as we would like to decline the ping system is unique, we can’t. Especially those who have played Apex Legends, but are also Fortnite players, could establish that the reason for the new ping system is Apex Legends.

There’s nothing else to discuss, but just clarify that it is useful to have this kind of feature in any Battle Royale video game.

Angel Kicevski

Angel Kicevski started playing video games a long time ago. He started playing competitively since the Counter-Strike 1.3 era. Shortly after the competitive CS era, he managed to find the gaming industry amusing and started working on FGR. His mission is to bring gaming news and make guides for those who need them in the best possible way. He also considers himself an Escape From Tarkov addict.

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