Fortnite Valentines Day event, leaks pinpoint Dark Love Ranger Skin

Fortnite data miners are eager to discover new findings in the most popular game nowadays. Namely, we’re getting close to Valentines, the one day in which love matters and as such, Epic Games won’t miss the chance to create an event and add skins related to it.

It appears that after Marshmello’s concert, this will be the next event if any occurs. It will most likely all begin in form of challenges, such as the Showtime ones. This time, t will be named as Dark Cupid challenges.

There’s no deeper information about the particular challenges, but judging to previous years, the event has always been noticed by Epic Games and they’re advancing forward, it is expected to be a better event than the last one.

In connection to the Skin leak, it appears that the Dark Ranger is the same as the Love Ranger skin with a little bit of color changes. The skin has also some purple shine eyes and vein looking lines.

The whole info was revealed on Reddit and it is the most vital source up to date.

Below you can find the image of the Dark Ranger skin:

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