New Assets discover Fortnite Season 8 will lead to more intense Earthquakes

You probably know that the ending of Season 8 started forging a brand new story in Fortnite. This time, the earthquakes are the theme and we’re about to receive a lot of tougher ones. All of the earthquake tremors so far have been with a low magnitude, but there will be more intense ones very soon.

According to some data miners, the end of Season 8 may also face other natural cause such as tornados. According to FortTory, more earthquakes are about to occur, a lot of bigger ones. Therefore, new cracks are about to be noticed on the sidewalks that will grow a lot bigger as we’re getting closer to the new season.

Compared to real-life earthquakes, the magnitude of the earthquakes that cause damage to structures is found between 5.5 to 6.0. Even though Fortnite’s files do not showcase us that, we can clearly hear the new earthquake sounds in the tweet below:

What are your thoughts on this one? Should we see a plot similar to season 3? It definitely remains to be seen. However, a lot of players believe there will be new destruction of Tilted Towers, which will lead to yet another reconstruction of that same area. Since the beginning of the game, Tilted Towers has been considered as the most impactful zone for all the players. Therefore, the beliefs come from that standpoint, knowing that Tilted Towers has always been involved throughout each season.

Angel Kicevski

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