New Dawn offers the same as Far Cry 5, plus something extra

Far Cry 5 was the perfect exploration and experience, unearthing a ton of fun. After the completion of it, we were eager to anticipate something else, which is finally released. Far Cry New Dawn is definitely something newer but also just a reskin or DLC to the Far Cry 5? Why so? just because the game needs to evolve and get out of this current setup.

This may also sound like a review, so for the sake of it, we’ll tag it as one, even though it is considered as fairly short.

Moreover, Far Cry New Dawn includes cool mechanics for which the whole series are known for. It also includes a good combination of stealth and action, which allows you to either ram the outposts or play it smart. Conquering Outposts is basically one of the most important portions of the game, but there’s more to find out.

Overall, New Dawn has a reason to be lesser of game content, aligning the game price at this moment. Even though it starts at $40, we’re expecting the sales to stagger and reduce to somewhat $30, which complies with the content found within New Dawn. Therefore, we do not have the right to crucify the video game.

As you’re getting deeper in the game you’ll find out that the game will ask you to upgrade not only your character buy your base too. Being first for the series it surely slows down the progress. Not only that but also makes the player grind the maximum out of it. Missions are tough, and you’re able to reset them on a higher difficulty too, which is a part of the grind.

What differs – Conclusion?

Expeditions are the only thing different, at least what we’ve noticed so far. But all of the other content more or like remains the same as the core gameplay found within Far Cry 5. It is definitely a point from which the game needs to evolve. No matter the current gameplay and stability of the game, it shouldn’t be accounted for a fresh new video game. We’d rather classify it as a DLC or smaller sequel to Far Cry 5.

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