Ni no Kuni II’s next major DLC comes on march 19

Ni no Kuni is about to get something new. Despite the special anime movie assigned to it, Ni no Kuni II will receive a second major DLC. The DLC will land on March 19, and will include a brand new story. Alongside that, new character episodes are about to be revealed.

Going after the name The Wizard’s Companion, the new DLC is set to create many surprises and a whole lot of new features. That being said, a brand new and mysterious character with a rabbit head is about to make an entrance. He is a character leaving everyone surprised, upon which actions are to gather and witness for themselves.

This event shall create a new scenario, a scenario in which the main characters will involve including a brand new Martial Methods to be seen. Being an anime lover myself, I am more than excited about this, as the new DLC will have an improved battle system even more than the previous DLC.

Among other things, there is a new Arena, Pandora Night, that will most likely be the hardest to tackle taken into consideration its difficulty level.

Just as a reminder, Ni no Kuni is available on PC and PS4, and its second major DLC releases on March 19.

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