Pokemon Go Smeargle is Now Live, Photobombs Incoming!

Trainers, the long-awaited Gen 2 Pokemon Smeargle is now live in Pokemon Go, together with the Go Snapshot feature, and to see it or catch you have to follow some simple steps.

First, let me explain to you how to use the Go Snapshot feature:

  • Open the camera by finding it in the Bag of items. Alternatively, find a chosen Pokemon in Pokemon Storage.
  • Select it, then tap on the screen to throw the Poke Ball to the chosen location.
  • After the Pokemon is deployed, players can move around freely to set up the photo.
  • If desired, brush across the Pokemon to get its attention and have it face toward the camera.
  • Finally, press the on-screen shutter button to take the photo. All pictures will be saved to the mobile device automatically.
  • To share a photo is quite easy too. If you want to share, simply select the photo that you want to be uploaded, and choose the social network to send/post it. And because the taken pictures are also saved to the mobile devices, the same can be shared through Twitter, Snapchat, MMS messages and through emails.

Now, let’s see how to see and catch Smeargle, thanks to Tebowtime195 for doing such great work!

  • Smeargle photobombs you in the gallery when you see the photos after taking them, then it spawns in a world map. Please have in mind that seeing Smeargle in the photo counts as seeing it
  • Players must check PREVIEW to see the Photobomb
  • Smeargle caught from Ditto doesn’t learn Transform
  • Hidden Power does not necessarily copy type from photobombing Pokemon
  • Smeargle learns the moves of the photobombed Pokemon
  • Smeargle can’t learn a second charge move
  • Can learn legacy moves and Community Day moves, except Smackdown
  • Smeargle encounter counts toward the new medal Cameraman
  • Smeargle can be caught with “Allow Photo Access” set to never on iOS devices
  • It seems like Smeargle has a cooldown (still investigating how long, but it seems like we can get/catch one per day)
  • It can run away!
  • Buddy distance 3km
  • If you don’t see Smeargle model, restart the game

Those wondering, you don’t have to give Pokemon Go permission to your photos to get Smeargle. You can take as many pictures as you’d like, you’ll not see them in your album and you can still get Smeargle.

For last, there are bugs that affect this Pokemon, so we hope that Niantic will fix them ASAP!

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