Reminder: 2 hours until the start of the Anthem Open Demo

Those not having the chance to dwell into the fun hidden behind Anthem’s private beta will have a chance to do it so today. While the preload is already available, in just 2 and a half hours players will be eligible to dwell into the world of Anthem, even if for the first time.

Not much has changed since the Anthem VIP demo, but there will be slight differences. First of all, the Open Beta participants that missed the VIP demo won’t have the chance to buy all of the Javelins. On the opposite, those who have participated in the VIP Demo will be able to unlock all of the exo suits.

We assume that this time the developers will be more cautious and take care of the server issues. Anthem’s first look baffled lots of fans and it is expected to bring even more players during this Open Beta.

Reddit, commonly found as a winner among the social media when it comes to gaming, has recently noted something different. On Anthem’s subreddit, a player has published a couple of changes coming to the game. A change is found in the prime and combo trigger icons, located on the ability tab. You can find the image below:

This surely helps and makes it a lot easier to determine what spell should be used to get the best effect and damage output.

When is Anthem’s open demo starting?

As it was published by the devs, the servers are expected to go live in approximately 2 hours from now. The start time of the Open Demo is scheduled for 9 PT.

Do not despair, a weekend full of fun is upon us, and you, as well as us, will have the chance to experience the improvements. Not in terms of content, but in terms of non-breaking gameplay, which will potentially concrete the fact that Anthem is worth buying, alongside numerous other reasons.

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