Samsung and Fortnite team up to bring yet another skin for Galaxy S10 owners

After the release of the first skin for owners of the Samsung Galaxy S9 device, it is now time for yet another legendary skin. Fortnite will add a brand new skin, available exclusively to those in possession of the new gaming power Samsung Galaxy S10+.

The skin itself has been discovered previously by some data miners, but never talked about nor brought up to attention. Until this moment, the skin hasn’t been discovered but the new Samsung Galaxy has surely brought up to attention that the Skin will be cool looking.

Thanks to this co-op action, players will get the chance to receive the IKONIK skin. It is a cosmetic and cool looking outfit, released to satisfy some marketing goals, but also meet the performance of the new Samsung Galaxy S10+.


Why Samsung Galaxy S10+?

S10+ meets a lot of strength and power thanks to its battery which actually optimizes the power for gaming. Its all day intelligent battery could be adjusted according to player’s gaming will. The device also meets up the necessity for storage with its 1TB, but also its CPU and RAM dwells into the fun with 33% more than its predecessor, the Note9.

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