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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Open Beta starts on March 1st

Now that The Division 2 Private Beta is over for almost 2 days, Ubisoft has announced the Open Beta, which is starting very soon. According to the developer, the open beta will become available on March 1st, which is 2 weeks before its release.

The Division 2 expectations are sky high as it is considered to be a unique shooter MMORPG experience. Set in just seven months after the terrific virus attack during a Black Friday event in New York, the virus has spread to Washington DC.

Having a set of assets and features on our hands, as agents, the players will have to tackle down the criminal. Bad factions arise in DC, and all of them have a different purpose. They all have similarity, and that is to destroy The Division agents. Overall, Division 2 should be an enhanced version of the original game.

Having learned all of the flaws found in the original title shall lead to an improvement, and The Division 2 developers are ready to give their maximum. We’re already thrilled to announce the new Anti-Cheat system is here to prevent player base nerve-rack. The improvement of the Snowdrop Engine is just another indicator of progression, noticed during the previous year found within Massive’s job listing.

With all of that being said, we’re ready for March 1st and the availability to undertake the streets of Washington DC.



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