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Apex Legends ban list is huge and growing

Apex Legends hackers have been complaining they’re being banned over nothing. On the other side, Respawn Entertainment and Easy Anti-Cheat have managed to get rid of over 500,000 hackers, but the list is still in an incremental phase. Apex Legends is surely becoming a safe ground to all the players, as the responsive anti-cheat gets rid of any players with unusual performance.

The Ban List size has been confirmed with the latest Wild Frontier Patch Notes, in which a person says that 499,937 accounts have been banned because of unfair advantage or third party applications. Simply said, cheating in Apex Legends won’t get you far and you will probably be caught at any given point. The list of banned accounts is now over 500,000.

Cheating is probably the biggest issue on the PC platform but is considered to be met across consoles as well, for which it is quite astonishing.

It is time to toll onto EAC and Respawn Entertainment’s effectiveness, as it clearly stands out to be quite primitive. EAC is one of the most intrusive and effective anti-cheats a game could ever get. If we talk about a percentage, the possibility of having a hacker in your game is roughly between 1% and 3%. The math is simple when you know the exact number of players is somewhat above 50 million.

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