Apex Legends Solos and Duos are not an option in Respawn’s Book

Apex Legends has been quite impressing in the BR genre so far. However, it lacks game modes and pushes players to play in trios, while many people believed that the Battle Pass will be a turning point in that matter. Respawn Entertainment is still silent when it comes to that, as they do not seem to find common ground with the community. That makes Squads and Duos are out of plans.

Therefore, it is safe to claim that Solos, Duos and Squads are far from release any time soon. This makes players ineligible to playing the game the way they want to. Being pushed in a random trio can sometimes be extremely painful, knowing that many people across the world are having difficulties dealing with inappropriate teammates.

Since there hasn’t been any statement regarding this matter with the Battle Pass release, we are somewhat assured there won’t be any sort of announcement of that matter. Not only that but also Data Miners have recently discovered that the already existing code for Solos and Duos has been removed.

This has been confirmed thanks to Apex Legends – News & Leaks

This move by Respawn Entertainment takes away all the hopes for some sort of new game modifier. With that being said, there’s not much to hope for but just follow Respawn’s and Apex Legends further steps.

Angel Kicevski

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