Apex Legends to receive a Battle Pass soon – New Leaks Surfaced

Not only Fortnite dominates the leak section in news, but also Apex Legends. Even after the official confirmation that Apex Legends will receive Battle Pass, leaks have just proven the same that the game development studio is heading that way. Respawn Entertainment is about to release a Battle Pass and mark a start of a new season.

The game is moving towards a new milestone in a successful manner. Even if before there have been multiple issues and exploits found within the game, Respawn Entertainment has successfully managed to fix all of them. Therefore, as said in other games before release, it is supposed to have gone gold, and it is ready to get a Battle Pass in which a lot of grinding is involved.

The Battle Pass is also an inquiry by the players. They’ve demanded a Battle Pass stating that it would help the game grow and will sustain a solid base of players. An exact thing discovered by the freshest leak for Apex Legends.

RealApexLegends has gone to a point in which he found certain skins and items being available at a certain account level. Most likely it comes to be a Battle Pass because there’s nothing else to connect this to. These details have been hiding values behind separate level achievements found within the code.

He also stated that the Battle Pass will cost $10, which is affordable and equal when compared to other Battle Royale video games.

With that being said, it is now secured that the Battle Pass arrival is most certain in Apex Legends. Below you can find the exact leaked info posted by @RealApexLegends. According to him, this is the following order of the images:

  1. Looks like the Buttons

  2. Will have a separate menu page/option

  3. Battle Pass Bonus

  4. Skins confirmed as one of the cosmetics

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