Apex Legends Twitch Rivals Challenge is forging for TwitchCon Europe

Players usually compete in Twitch Rivals challenges to qualify for a given or upcoming tournament. Each LAN event has a qualifier and Twitch Rivals is here to host one. Knowing that TwitchCon Europe is on the list of next live events, a tournament for Apex Legends has been scheduled.

The qualifier will be held in a Twitch Rivals event, where 96 streamers from NA and Europe will have their chance to qualify for the event. The qualifier will determine who goes to the live event after the finals are over, which are going to take place on Saturday, April 13. This has also been stated by dexerto, meaning the qualifier will surely initiate. It is not just a blank statement holding no waters.

Basic Info, Schedule, Format

The first qualifier under the name Apex Legends Road to TwitchCon will begin on March 26th. The second qualifier will be a Rematch Challenge, and it will begin on April 2nd.

So far, two streamers have been confirmed to participate the finals at TwitchCon Europe, and those are Sacriel and Pow3rtv. The Format of the tournament is still unknown. Will it be point based? God knows. However, we only know that the event is scheduled and will involve Apex Legends.

How to Watch

The qualifiers can be watched on Twitch Rivals’ official Twitch channel. You can find it below:

Watch live video from TwitchRivals on

Twitch Rivals is known for hosting these kinds of challenges, allowing streamers to participate in streamer-driven tournaments.

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