Battlefield V Firestorm Reveal Trailer has just not started – Game Mode Available on March 25

Battlefield V’s upcoming Battle Royale mode is about to be presented today. Named Firestorm, this is Battlefield’s first ever Battle Royale mode. Making tackle on the BR genre, the game mode is about to receive a trailer premiere. Considered for its first reveal, many fans are already stalking Youtube.

Where to see the Firestorm trailer?

The trailer can be seen below, more precisely, as soon as the stream goes live.

After Apex Legends, this will be EA’s second BR release in total. Unlike Firestorm, Apex Legends was released stealthily, and Firestorm was announced with the release of Battlefield V. However, throughout this whole it never came out as a mod.

We are curious to find if the game mode will become available for free to everyone. It will surely be accounted for the biggest surprise performed by EA. Before we continue the talks, let’s take a look at the reveal trailer.

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