Flintlock Pistol is coming to Fortnite, reload animation and sound leak

Being discovered in a leak with the 8.10 patch, the Flint Lock was an expected turn. Epic Games decided to install a brand new weapon in Fortnite, and that is a brand new Pistol. Thanks to data mining and discovery of the sound, the pistol sounds devastating and scary.

The Flint Lock pistol was first showcased in the news tab after today’s reset. It is due to release with the next update, and that is probably tomorrow. The Flint Lock Pistol will probably be similar to the Hand Cannon and will do a large amount of flesh damage.

Thanks to Lucas7yoshi and FortTory, the two data miners whom abilities are found quite proving, we can take a look at the reload animation and sound of the coming Flint Lock Pistol.

It definitely sounds quite devastating. This pistol and the reload animation reminds of Sea of Thieves. That will make the Flint Lock pistol to have only 1 shot available. After firing, you will pretty much need to deal with gun powder and reload the pistol. It has a slow animation, but the damage dealt is considered as strong. According to some leaks, the pistol will deal 86 damage, it will face a slow reload time and will use Heavy Bullets.

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