Fortnite 8.20 may include Lava Legends, Molten Skins incoming

Some Dataminers have already discovered that patch 8.20 could introduce us to Molten Skins, which are considered as Lava Legends in Fortnite. It could be a word for a whole pack introducing new Season 8 theme skins. While the Fortnite 8.20 downtime is still ongoing, the datamines have begun.

Some of the already published skins by data miners are as follows:

  • Buccaneer
  • Sea Wolf
  • Shaman
  • Nightwitch
  • Molten Battle Hound
  • Molten Valkyrie
  • Prickly Patroller

These have been published by Lucas7yoshi who believes there will be some sort of a Lava Legends pack. You can find the official tweet below:

Lucas7yoshi is doing such a great job when it comes to data mining in Fortnite. His ability to scrape through all the necessary items each Patch is such an amazing output. Thanks to Lucas7yoshi for doing such an amazing job.

As a continuation of the story, below you can find an image of some of the molten packs.

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