Fortnite Nintendo Switch Cross-Play Won’t Match with Console Players

Nintendo Switch Players will no longer face matchmaking problems. Usually, when crossplay, they had been put against console players. That is no longer an issue, as of patch 8.10. Epic Games has changed the matchmaking algorithm when it comes to cross-play, removing the possibility of matching Nintendo Switch with any PS4 and Xbox players.

The matchmaking acts a bit different now. All Nintendo Switch players matchmaking with friends playing on other platforms will be matched with similar platforms to those. However, if they’re playing solo, then the Nintendo Switch players will be only matched against players using the same platform, including the mobile such as Android and iOS.

This is considered to allow Nintendo Switch players to have a much better experience. Being included only in the mobile cross-play pool will allow them to get more competitive matchmaking that in general is a lot fairer.

The thing that bothers everyone is that the Nintendo Switch is considered to be a console, knowing the device you’re playing on is more similar to the consoles gamepads than a mobile device. With that being said, it will probably give them benefit over mobile users.

But, with a display size of close similarities to the cell phones, it puts it somewhat in the same category of devices. What are your thoughts on this one? Do not forget to comment below.

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