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Fortnite will receive a permanent Ranked Arena Mode

It appears that Fortnite will receive a permanent version of ranked mode. After multiple inquiries by the community, Fortnite will finally feature an installment of a more serious gameplay experience. Epic Games have revealed that a ranked mode is coming to Fortnite and the details for their coming Fortnite World Cup events. A new Arena Game Mode is about to make an entrance in Fortnite’s world.

Knowing that it contains a huge prize pool, most of the professionals would like to tackle down.

This is your chance to qualify for the weekend Online Opens. Players can compete on their own schedule to try and progress to the Champion League in the brand new Arena Game mode releasing in v8.20. If you can climb to the top, you’ll unlock access to the Fortnite World Cup Online Open tournaments.

After the 8.20 patch announced for tomorrow, there will apparently be more to come. Even though the preliminary patch notes were somewhat posted, we may receive a permanent Ranked Mode with it. The highest rank in the game mode will be Champion League, but the rank progress still remains unknown.

However, this game mode will also provide a good opportunity for players to simply improve their gameplay. This will also put players on a new grind level, pushing them to storm through every given chance they have. It is one of the ways allowing you to play against the pros. Its high-level tier gameplay will surely be as impactful as possible.

This will also provide a good set of joy for the viewers. Each Fortnite fan can tackle on and witness new Fortnite moments each game. Make sure you take down on that, because you may witness an Underdog booming the leaderboards.

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