MARS finally released in Dota 2, Drow Ranger Remodel

The only God of War is now available in Dota 2. Mars. New Hero brings new excitements in Dota 2. For this tanky of a hero, it definitely looks like the most useful hero released so far. For now, it sounds as a must pick even though every hero early after release has been spammed.

MARS can stun, slow, and hold enemies in position thanks to his somewhat OP abilities. It won’t be the first time to see a Dota 2 hero being nerfed after release. Below you can observe the abilities of MARS.

Q – Spears of Mars – Able to throw an arrow and bring players back. During the throw, the spear will hit anything in its path. The first hero to come into a collision with the spear will be knocked back and stunned if knocked into a wall.

W – God’s Rebuke – This ability knocks enemies back dealing with insane damage. Given the fact it gives bonus damage to friendly heroes, it allows a better farming experience.

E – Bulwark – A passive ability that works similarly to Bristleback’s passive, only this offers protection from the front.

R – Arena of Blood – Traps all the players in an Arena. If players get close to the walls by trying to escape they will be pushed back inside the ring but also dealt damage to.

Overall, even if this early, Mars is considered as a very strong Offlaner in Dota 2. It could create danger even for the strongest carry. Having a long attack range, it allows him to easily clap some creeps but also harass enemies.

Together with this update a lot of changes have been brought. Drow Ranger has received a big tweak. The model of Drow Ranger has been reworked and not she seems like a more upright hero.

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