New Fortnite Event “Dopey” discovered in patch 8.20

Dataminers have discovered new event files found within patch 8.20. This event is related to lava, and many people believe it will affect the area on the map known as Dusty. Dusty Divot most likely needs a change, because it hasn’t been touched for a while now. Therefore, many people believe that Dusty will be flooded with Lava that will lead to its destruction and remodeling.

The files of the event have been published by Lucas7yoshi, a notable Fortnite dataminer. Within a tweet, he stated that the new event is named Dopey. You can find his tweet below:

This also could be a live event in which players could take a part in preserving the extinguish of Dusty Divot. Further leaks regarding this matter are expected because its intentions could simply vary and also affect other areas around the map. More about this to be discovered soon.

David Goodwin

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