Pokemon Go Battle Showdown Event, New Quests, Shiny Mankey and Machop Added

Trainers, a new, 7-day event is now live, and starting from March 5 at 1:00 PM PST until March 12 at 1:00 PM PDT, players can challenge team leaders and fellow Trainers to earn limited time rewards.

Here is everything you should know:

  • Start/End Date: March 5 – March 12
  • Increased spawn rate of Fighting Type Pokemon
  • Shiny Mankey and Shiny Machop will be available (see the image below)
  • 2X Catch, Battle and Raid Stardust
  • 2X XP for Gym Badges
  • Up to 5 rewards per day from PvP, including Rare Candy
  • Up to 3 rewards per day from challenging Team Leaders, including Rare Candy
  • New Move Power-Up Punch added permanently

Here are the new shiny Pokemon:

Battle Showdown Event Quests

  • Catch 3 Makuhita or Meditite – Combusken
  • Catch 5 Fighting-type Pokemon – Machoke
  • Make 2 Excellent throws in a row – Hitmonchan
  • Use a superffective charged Attack in 7 raids or Gym Battles – 1 charged TM
  • Win 3 raids – 1 fast TM

Good luck and let’s beat ’em all!

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