Pokemon Go List of Currently Available and Unavailable Sinnoh Stone Evolutions

The special Sinnoh Stone originally found in the Sinnoh region can make certain Gen 1 and Gen 2 species to evolve into their Gen 4 stage. With this evolution item, Pokemon Go Trainers Lvl 10 and higher, will have the opportunity to evolve 22 different Pokemon.

There are 18 Sinnoh Stone evolutions currently available in the game, and we’re missing 4 more. We have them listed below, so take a look. In addition, each evolution requires 100 Candy.

Sinnoh Stone Evolutions Currently Available in Pokemon Go

  • Aipom Ambipom
  • Dusclops Dusknoir
  • Electabuzz Electivire
  • Gligar Gliscor
  • Kirlia (Male) Gallade
  • Magmar Magmortar
  • Misdreavus Mismagius
  • Murkrow Honchkrow
  • Piloswine Mamoswine
  • Porygon2 Porygon-Z
  • Rhydon Rhyperior
  • Roselia Roserade
  • Sneasel Weavile
  • Snorunt (Female) Froslass
  • Tangela Tangrowth
  • Togetic Togekiss
  • Yanma Yanmega
  • Lickitung Lickilicky

Sinnoh Stone Evolutions Missing in Pokemon Go

  • Eevee Glaceon
  • Eevee Leafon
  • Magnamite Magnazone
  • Nosepass Probopass

For last, rumors are saying that a new Pokemon Go Equinox event will go live next week, and Leafon and Glaceon to make their first appearence in Pokemon Go. Sounds great, right?

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