Pokemon Go New Equinox Event Featuring Grass Type Pokemon, New Quests, Rewards and New Shiny Pokemon

Update: 3/19/2019: Trainers, the Equinox event is now live, featuring new shiny Pokemon, and new, limited time quests and rewards. Here is everything you should know.

New Shiny Pokemon

  • Shiny Lunatone
  • Shiny Solrock

New Quests and Rewards

  • Evolve 2 Grass Type Pokemon – Tangela
  • Evolve 5 Grass Type Pokemon – Venusaur (Catching 3rd stage Pokemon grants you 500 Stardust) Pro Tip: Click on the quest and run away from Venusaur-don’t catch it! Wait until a 3x Stardust event, go back and catch it – it will give you extra Stardust. This works with any 3rd stage evolution.
  • Catch 10 Grass Type Pokemon – x1000 Stardust
  • Catch 3 Bulbasaur or Chikorita – Turtwig

Pokemon Go Equinox Event New Raid Bosses

Update: 3/15/2019: Trainers, the Equinox event is now officially announced. Here are the details:

  • Start date – March 19 at 1:00 PM PDT
  • End date – March 25 at 1:00 PM PDT
  • Increased spawn rate of Grass Type Pokemon + Grass Type Pokemon as Raid Bosses
  • Lunatone and Solrock will switch regions
  • New Field Research quests
  • Two new moves will be added – Acid Spray: Arbok, Victreebel, Tentacruel, Muk, Alolan Muk, Quagsire, Qwilfish, Octillery, and Swalot – Leaf Tornado: Victreebel, Shiftry, and Tropius

Update 3/13/2019: Trainers, the Equinox event in Pokemon Go is set to go live on March 19 at 1:00 PM PDT until March 26 at 1:00 PM PDT. During this period players around the globe will see increased spawn rate of Grass Type Pokemon and new quests and rewards. Chrales has found these quests at the begging of the month in the GM file, and you can see them below. More info to follow, so stay tuned!

Previous Story 3/2/2019: Trainers, this is just in!

A new Equinox event is going live this month (March), and new Equinox 2019 event quests have been found in Pokemon Go’s GM file by the world famous Pokemon Go dataminer Chrales.

Here is the list of quests:

  • Catch {0} Bulbasaur or Chikorita
  • Catch {0} Grass-type Pokemon
  • Evolve {0} Grass-type Pokémon
  • Evolve {0} Grass-type Pokémon (maybe another number)

The event will most probably go live on March 20/21 as this is the date for Spring Equinox 2019. On March 20, the winter ends and the spring begins (Autumn Equinox in the Southern Equinox – summer and autumn). The start date of the event is yet to be confirmed.

For last, NOT CONFIRMED, NOT LEAKED and NOT TEASED, only rumors, is that Leafon and Glaceon might debut during the Equinox event 2019, as this is the time between cold/icy/blue season (Glaceon is Ice Type Pokemon) and spring/grass/blooming/leaves season (Leafon is a Grass Type Pokemon with leafy ears and tail).

With that being said, March will definitely be an awesome month for all Pokemon Go players and Pokemon fans! Good luck and catch ’em all!

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