Ring of Elysium launches Season 3 Adventurer Pass, Pirate-Themed Mode Incoming

Aurora Studios has just announced the arrival of Season 3 of the Ring of Elysium Adventurer Pass. Ring of Elysium is ready for its third Season. Containing an adventurer pass, not only includes the promised content but will also schedule a new pirate-themed event.

Aurora Studios has just announced the arrival of Season 3 of the Ring of Elysium Adventurer Pass. The launch of the Season 3 Adventurer Pass brings three new seasonal characters for players to unlock. Recently revealed by Aurora Studios, the all-new seasonal characters Captain Fokke, Elliot and Saki can now be unlocked by players with the Season 3 Adventurer Pass. In addition to the launch of Season 3 Aurora Studios has also hidden details for an upcoming pirate-themed event mode in the official Season 3 trailer.

Leading up to the launch of Season 3, developers Aurora Studios released three teaser images for the new characters, leaving fans speculating about their origins. Fans were not left waiting for long however as the backstories of each character were revealed soon after. Now fans can jump into the action of Season 3 with the character of their choice.

Players will be able to play as the formidable Captain Fokke, the mysterious pirate known as “The Myth” has unparalleled ship-handling skills rumored to be the result of a deal with the devil. The second character players can choose to battle with is the elusive hacker Elliot, whose genius hacking skills have broken him into Echelon’s security system. The third seasonal character is the at-first-glance unassuming Saki, whose archery skills are second to none.

Fans of the swashbuckling Captain Fokke can also look forward to more pirate-themed gameplay in the upcoming game mode. Players can look forward to the official announcement within the coming weeks. The Season 3 Adventurer Pass is available now, to dive into the action of Ring of Elysium visit the game’s Steam page and download the game for free here. To find out more about Ring of Elysium, the Season 3 Adventurer Pass and upcoming game mode visit the official site:

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