Ring of Elysium Season 3 Adventurer Pass will begin on March 27th

In just 5 days from now, Ring of Elysium is about to receive a brand new Adventurer Pass. The Season 3 Adventurer pass will officially begin on March 27th. This was announced by Aurora Studios, discovering three new Season 3 characters. Bounding new characters could make the game more interesting and contentful to play.

As the press reads:

Aurora Studios has announced that Ring of Elysium’s Season 3 Adventurer Pass will officially begin on March 27th. The developers recently released three teaser images for the upcoming season 3 characters, which can be found below.

The first of the Season 3 characters is the foreboding Pirate Captain Fokke, also known as “The Myth”. Fokke’s legendary ship-handling skills may have been the result of a deal with the devil but no one can know for certain as anyone has yet to survive after facing off against the formidable Captain.

Unlike the high-profile Captain, the second of the Season 3 characters is the elusive hacker Elliot. At first glance, Elliot is no different than your average teenager having a pension for soda, often found frequenting the local burger joint and a die-hard fan of hip-hop. However, there is much more to Elliot than most would guess, his genius hacking skills have broken him into Echelon’s security system. It has also been rumored that he works for Hikage, a detail none have yet been able to prove.

The third of the Season 3 characters is Saki; as unassuming on the surface as Elliot, Saki appears to be a well-behaved student as an ace both in the Student Council and Archery Club. Albeit the daughter of a wealthy family, Saki has been determined to earn the respect of others, tirelessly honing her skills to become a master archer on the battlefield. However, all of Saki’s training hasn’t been solely for personal glory, she is laser-focused on finding her brother who disappeared shortly after being kicked out of the family home.

All the three characters can be unlocked by playing throughout the Season 3. Ring of Elysium is a next-gen free-to-play Battle Royale mode, including special mechanics like no other Battle Royale. So far, RoE tackled the genre quite good, releasing good and positive content to all its players.

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