Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is hard, but you can make it extra difficult

By just watching the early preview of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice on Twitch, it is easy to conclude that FromSoftware is tolling towards hard gameplay. Reliving the past of the Shinobi warriors by playing as one is surely an impressive way introduced in a video game. Your path is to simply conquer the scenery in your wicked encounters, which is considerably hard to accomplish.

In order to activate hard mode, you will need to exterminate the annoying Chained Ogre mini-boss. We know it becomes difficult to deal with it and most of the times throws players off the cliff, so positioning is very vital in that fight. That is located in the Outskirts zone and after the completion of that make sure you head into the hole located in a building at the top of the stairs.

Taking that hole will lead you to another area in which General patrols. Make sure you avoid any sort of engagement and go the right and grapple, which will lead you to a shrine with a note attached. Somewhere close to that, there’s a cave. However, to navigate to it you need to use grapples.

The cave is usually full of hard enemies which can destroy you. Make sure you avoid any battle and seek for a ledge. After finding that, jump behind it. You will be able to notice a small tunnel that will lead you to The Senpou Temple. It contains a massive bell. Even though the note says not to bell the Demon Bell, you should ignore whatever it says and rung it. That will grant you the Bell Demon spirit. This move will make the enemies a lot harder and the rewards will become better for each encounter accomplished.

To return to the normal mode you will simply need to dispell the effect by using the Bell Demon item from their inventory. Thanks to Gamerant for pointing this out, as it surely makes the gameplay more interesting. Hardcore gamers may find this quite useful as they’ll have more time to spend to overcome some encounters.

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