Sonic Racing in the works, will join Apple Arcade

Apple’s new subscription service will get a hold onto many video games. Alongside Shantae 5, Sonic Racing will also be a part of it. The discovery of the featuring video games has started ongoing, and Apple Arcade will consist of a very crowded area. Sega is proud to announce that Sonic Racing will become a part of Apple Arcade.

This was announced in a tweet made by Sonic the Hedgehog’s official Twitter account. Below you can find the tweet.

Within the official image, we can see Sonic and Shadow racing. The track looks similar to previous Sonic Racing video games such as Team Sonic Racing. Sega has confirmed its role in Apple’s upcoming Subscription service, being available to player’s hands.

Game streaming is slowly becoming a very interesting theme to talk about. Will it be popular and have a proper response time to allow players to joyfully dwell into their games? It surely remains to be seen.

Apple Arcade will launch this fall, with a decent initial amount of video games in its library.

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