The Baller: Hamster Ball coming to Fortnite serving both as transport and smashing vehicle

If you’ve forgotten about it, we have been talking about the Hamster Ball, coming as the next transport vehicle in Fortnite. However, the Hamster Ball will have its own nasty side of characteristics and will be able to destroy buildings. This won’t bring much of a favor to the community, especially to pro players.

This announcement came today in Fortnite’s news tab, showcasing the look of the new transport vehicle. The Hamster Ball will be one of the most interesting things ever included in Fortnite’s history.

With the words of Round and Round We Go, the description of the Baller is really amusing.

Roll through the competition with the newest vehicle, The Baller.

The most annoying part in all of this would be the grappler, for which according to the looks of the image, it consists of one. If the vehicle allows players to grapple and mimic an Excavator, which in real life destroys buildings, it will certainly be a little too OP for it to sustain it.

Yet another building destroyer is on our hands.  According to some data miners, the Hamster Ball will have 800 HP, which requires a substantial number of bullets to be destroyed. The new Hamster Ball vehicle is expected to join Fortnite on Tuesday, a normal day patch. However, any issue causing problems could surface so it may get a delay.

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