The Culling will shut down servers in May

The Culling will close its servers in May. The game has collapsed because of other BR games, leaving The Culling less interesting product. Therefore, Xaviant has nothing else to do except to give up. After announcing that no more updates will be released and after The Culling 2’s raw failure, this announcement hides something crueler.

According to Xaviant, The Culling will lose its online servers, leaving zero support. That means the game won’t be available any longer as it is shutting down. From that point and on, players can only enjoy playing offline. The Servers will be gone on May 15, and the announcement came from The Culling’s official website.

Its free-to-play option won’t matter any longer. The developers had faith in receiving at least a bit of love with microtransactions. However, none of that happened which is a reason to lead to this announcement. Without any monetization, there’s nothing the developer could do except to cut its product out of existence.

Throughout the previous year, there have also been numerous failure products who tried to hang on the BR momentum. However, they did not manage to settle down in the genre and were somewhat expelled, leading to a full shut down. One of them was Radical Heights, for which after that failure the company collapsed completely.

Many other Battle Royale games are announced and we believe that not all of them will be on point. However, we’ll have to monitor whatever’s about to come.

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