The new Fortnite 8.10 update includes a fiery wrap

Probably the best wrap seen so far is bound to release in 8.10. No one knows in which the wrap will become available, but many people predict that will be included in the item shop and will be exclusively available for V-Bucks. Epic Games and Fortnite are doing a great job when it comes to cosmetics, and this just proves it once again.

Coming under the name of Magma, the new fiery wrap is probably the best looking so far. Even if the wrap is currently unavailable, it has been discovered by data miners. ShiinaBR has first discovered thanks to its datamining skills. It suits this season and its theme appropriately. Below you can take a look at the new vehicle wrap.

ShiinaBR has also created an animated showcase of the new Magma wrap on Weapons and Vehicles. You can see it below:

The new fiery looking wrap will most likely be available exclusively in the item shop. More about this to be discovered as we’re about to settle in the third week of the 8th Fortnite season.

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