What if two players shoot each other with cannon in Fortnite and crash mid air?

What if two players shoot each other with cannon in Fortnite and crash at the same time. There has been a new video intercepting the new mechanic and the cannons in the best possible way. We’ve been seeing some videos lately, but never witnessed two guys hitting each other at the same time.

Colliding the power given by the cannon can sometimes be devastating. It could easily baffle any opponents as you drop into the middle of the fight unexpectedly. A cannon shot is supposed to deal 50 damage, and given the fact the main actor in the video had less than 50, he died. The same applies to the opposite player, as he was probably under 50 health pool so he ended crucified as well.

You can take a look at the video below, submitted where else if not on Reddit.

What happens when two player shot each Other out of a cannon and crash mid air…. from FortNiteBR

Fortnite’s latest addition surely turns up to be interesting to play. Players breaking down new mechanics in every way possible, trying to find what they could possibly do to save themselves. We’re still early in Season 8, and we would love to wind up and see what else is going to come.

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