All cosmetic items found in Fortnite’s patch 8.30 so far

There has been some difficulty to datamine properly in Fortnite. Even though the first impression came short, data miners have already found a way to reestablish a firm ground and continue leaking materials and cosmetics found in Fortnite’s patch 8.30.

According to Lucas7yoshi, there will be lots of items coming, including new skins, emotes, gliders, pickaxes and more. So far, one complete image has been released, in which two legendary items have taken place. Those two are skins, or more precisely said, Inferno and Ruin.

Below you can find the official tweet, containing an image of cosmetics coming in 8.30.

Honestly said, the Inferno skin looks very good as it brings Deadpool vibe to the table. The other skin is probably word of an evolved Viking. His helmet and total armory is quite notable. There are still more items arriving as dataminers try to unwrap all of the hidden lines of code.

Bypassing the new protection set by Epic Games is hard, but will surely bring more surprises as the day goes by. A video by another data miner who tends to unwrap secrets in-game, has compiled a video containing all of the cosmetics found by his side. You can watch the video below:

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