Apex Legends loses its viewership while Fortnite remains popular

If you’re a twitch junkie, a dedicated Twitch viewer that wants to spend his time watching gameplay footage of others, you probably already noticed a loss of viewership Apex Legends deals with at this time. Even after its first Battle Pass content, the game suffers from viewership loss, more than others.

Many people believed that Apex Legends will be the destroyer of Fortnite, however, that did not fulfill. According to PCGamer and official Twitch Numbers, Apex Legends has lost over 75% of its viewers on Twitch.

There are many factors leading to this, and we’re here to take a note of a couple of them.

First of all, the lack of content found in Apex Legends. Respawn Entertainment’s lack of development may have been the production source of this situation. Players are currently being overwhelmed by the very same content, without any slight bit of changes made across the whole Apex Legends’ island.

Since the get-go, compared to Fortnite, Apex Legends did not showcase anything unique in comparison to other Battle Royale video games. While Fortnite’s “building” mechanic, is probably the most unique content ever met within a video game, it will remain as such until another Battle Royale video game finds a way to copy it and ruin its integrity, for which it will most likely going to be sued.

Therefore, there’s not much to salvage out of this. The loser will lose, the winner will remain at the top. Fortnite’s success is still very notable, considering the fact it is in a period of its first-ever e-sports event. Epic Games already started the qualifiers of the Fortnite World-Cup event, in which the prize pool in the finals reaches to $100 million.

This is another factor why Fortnite is more popular than Apex Legends, and it doesn’t imply bad marketing whatsoever. Twitch will remain as the most popular live-streaming platform, from which game ranking could be performed based on the number of viewers.

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