Bethesda adds Basic Repair Kits as microtransaction in Fallout 76

Its rough start and a wide variety of bugs have led Bethesda to whole new microtransaction inclusion. The developer somewhat breaks its promise to be keeping only cosmetic related items in the market. Basic Repair Kits have arrived into Bethesda’s market to allow Fallout 76 players to fix their damaged property.

Despite Bethesda’s previous declare that microtransactions in Fallout 76 won’t include any beneficial purchasable items, they’ve managed to break the statement and release something that will allow players to take advantage of. Cosmetic only microtransactions are done for good and fans have started ravaging.

Pete Hines, which is Bethesda’s global marketing representative, pre-launch has stated that all of the content put into Fallout 76, no matter if pre or post-release will be for free. He also aligned that it will be the most important factor to intrigue all of the players, fans of the franchise. Sadly, the Atomic shop is no longer that resilient as his words, which until today was supposed to offer only cosmetic related items.

Breaking the promise surely hurts the community and the stagnant player base that Fallout 76 currently has. Without ranting the video game, it was quite visible how much the game suffered from its initial content, and the addition of the Basic Repair Kits won’t change anything in that matter.

The disappointment has been very clear and it is still growing into a huge backlash. After the official announcement by Bethesda, this has been noticed on Resetera, in which players have given up on finding love in Fallout 76, and board the hate after this bold move. This will cause insufficient balance as it is one of the items people are pushed to scavenge through the world of Fallout 76.

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