Fortnite patch 8.30 downtime starts tomorrow at 5 AM ET

Epic Games has announced the downtime for the coming Fortnite 8.30 patch. The downtime will start tomorrow, at 5 AM ET, 09:00 UTC. The arrival of patch 8.30 has been announced on the official @FortniteGame Twitter and the server maintenance duration window is still unknown.

You can find the official tweet below:

The 8.30 update will bring a variety of vital changes that will improve the gameplay and satisfy a lot of player’s needs. As we’re moving closer to the World Cup, it is expected to see Epic Games vaulting and unvaulting some of the weapons and items across the map.

Changing the meta before the World Cup is a common move usually approached by many big video games. Considered as a big patch, the 8.30 patch will surely improve a lot of surprises, but also will cause some difficulties.

Players will be put up to the test to find out the new Meta that will most likely be prominent and play a huge role throughout the World Cup duration.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you believe that Epic Games will revert some of the previously extinguished settings? If Epic Games listens to its community, it will surely revert some of the rough changes which caused a huge disappointment. However, that will also increase the level of confidence that may lead to yet another aggression caused by professional players.

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