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Fortnite patch 8.30 may extend the “Infinite Dab” emote lobby duration to 15 hours

Sometimes, gamers love to experiment with the given patch notes in each online video game. Well, someone has already experimented the Fortnite’s 8.20 patch and satisfied the whole duration of the infinite dab emote overnight. Otherwise, there’s no point in seeing the “Infinite Dab” emote receiving a duration boost higher than the current 14 hours.

According to recent leaks, Epic Games may extend the lobby duration of the “Infinite Dab” emote in Fortnite. With the patch 8.20, the Infinite Dab lobby duration was extended from 13 to 14 hours. Now, it may receive a whole hour duration boost, which will put it to 15 hours in total.

We do believe that Epic Games is monitoring its usage, and we do believe that some players have surely put Epic Games up to the test the integrity of the patch notes given in previous patches. Well, luckily, they’ll have something else to test.

The first induction appeared on Lucas7yoshi, a very intelligent person who knows how to break hidden things into pieces in order to decrypt them in the best possible way, has commented regarding the situation.

Listed as Breaking on his Twitter Channel, it appears that the Infinite Dab longevity will increase to 15 hours. It is arguably the most notorious emote that Fortnite has ever received, and because of these changes, more and more fans are amused by it. This will surely bring Epic Games some good revenue each time it appears on the market.

What are your thoughts on this change? Tell us in the comments below. Despite the fact that it is funny, it is also very exciting for some players who have the emote in possession.

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