Fortnite patch 8.30 update size revealed for all platforms

According to recent rumors and data mines, the new Fortnite patch 8.30 that is scheduled for tomorrow will contain a big amount of changes. Proportional to that would be the size of the patch on each platform. The size of patch 8.30 is different on every single platform the game’s available on.

Below you can find complete info on the 8.30 patch size for all platforms:

  • PC: 6.93GB
  • Mac: 7.7GB
  • PS4: 3.9GB
  • Xbox: 4.06GB
  • Switch: 3.93GB
  • iOS: 1.14 –  1.76GB
  • Android: 1.56 – 2.98GB

This has also been confirmed on Lucas7yoshi’s twitter, which is also known as a unique Fortnite data miner. All of his leaks so far have been on point, assuming that the sizes of patch 8.30 are somewhat accurate.

Contrary to data mining abilities, Epic Games is probably adopting some different techniques to prevent data mining in Fortnite. It would be a lot fairer for Content Creators who never had the chance to shine just because of premature leaks.

Amie Gammons

A huge fan of puzzlers. Would love to experience the world and takedown on every single and upcoming game title. In the free time love to sing, follow recent game rumors and try to decrypt them in the best possible way.

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