Fortnite Reboot Vans are bound to come with patch 8.30

First of all, the concept of having the chance to respawn in Fortnite came out as an idea from Apex Legends. The same concludes about the ping system which was also introduced during with the start of Season 8. Well, after a number of leaks and discoveries, the Reboot Vans may come to Fortnite sooner than later, most likely with patch 8.30.

The Reboot Vans will have the power to reincarnate fellow player if met the criteria. It is not too hard to accomplish it, since all you need to do will be picking up the Reboot Card of an eliminated friend, and then head to some of the predisposed Reboot Van’s locations. Again, same as in Apex Legends.

This may turn the table around, as we’re quite certain it will allow players to grasp onto the game for a longer period of time without disconnecting. The video found within the tweet in which Nathan Mooney, the Community Manager pretty much explains the inquiry for a successful resurrection.

But, wherever there are pros, there are also cons. The Reboot Van in Fortnite will have its own predispositions and will work the same for everyone. It will queue a sound whenever someone activates it, notifying enemies closeby. Despite the sound queue, there will be a visual particle as well. This will just ensure that you’re somewhat enlisted and known of your current position.

As much as how unbalanced sounds, the player will not respawn by gliding onto the field. Instead, it will spawn on a pad on the top of the Reboot Van. The amount of people who can be revived is currently not limited, but the requirement of their reboot card is a must. Otherwise, you won’t be able to revive your fallen teammates.

After using it, there will be an X amount of cooldown assigned to it, so that other players may not use the same Reboot Van shortly after. As we said again, thanks to Apex Legends and the always growing BR competition, we may see even better features coming to Fortnite.

So far, Fortnite has been quite amazing with all its surprises and timed events deployed across the whole Fortnite map. The Island is surely getting more and more interesting as we’re cruising throughout Fortnite’s Season 8, and the Reboot Vans may be considered for very important and clutch move, leading to a good amount of satisfaction.

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