Fortnite Week 7 Season 8 Secret Battle Star Location

Fortnite Week 7 is upon us and as each previous week, we’re ready to receive free Battle Pass tiers by acquiring the secret Battle Star assigned for this week. Epic Games have tried to hide the Week 7 loading screen, which after completing the challenges can be obtained. Usually, those loading screens hide the secret Battle Star location.

We know that Epic Games started including symbols that may be twisted in order to slow down the discovery of the battle star. This week, the season 7 loading screen is the picture found below:

Having the loading screen image above, at the top left side of it you can notice a strange symbol. It doesn’t represent anything, until you rotate it and find that it is a word about a rabbit, with the secret Battle Star hidden on his back. You can check the image below with a rotated symbol.

Now that we rotated the symbol, we can clearly see a rabbit which is a part of the current Fortnite map. It can be found just above Snobby Shores, and if you remember it was previously included as a part of a challenge in week 6. It is a wooden rabbit, and on his back, there’s a secret Battle Star. The location of the Wooden Rabbit can be seen at the image below, located just North Snobby Shores:

Fortnite Week 7 Season 8 Secret Battle Star Location


The result is straightforward. After completing all of the challenges assigned for Week 7, just head on the back of the Wooden Rabbit and acquire the secret Battle Star. Keep noticed that the Battle Star is hidden until you complete all of the challenges for week 7, and that makes it unattainable.

That is all, we hope that this guide helped you easily find the location of the secret Battle Star which will grant you a free Battle Pass tier.

For more detailed info on the secret Battle Star Location, you can check the video below created by Solace Entertainment. A good reason to remain a loyal sub to them.

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