Fortnite World Cup Qualifier Week 1 Finals Official US East Standings

Now that the Fortnite World Cup Qualifier Week 1 Finals is over, it is time for US East Next. A competition in which Tfue, Ninja, and lots of other famous streamers will take part in. The first week World Cup Week 1 qualifier is currently ongoing, as US East participants battle between each other to secure a spot that will take them to New York City.

The highest ranked players from each week will be invited to the Fortnite World Cup Finals, with a setup in New York City on July 26-28.

The US East qualifier event hasn’t started yet. We’re 10 minutes away from its official beginning. Watching the players compete to ascend the greatness will surely be very entertaining. But, knowing Fortnite’s robust point system, a simple mistake could be turned into an advantage by others.

The games are becoming more intense and fun to watch just because the “underdogs” are surprisingly good. Fan’s favorites keep on disappointing…

Currently, the point system is as follows:

  • Victory Royale = +10 points
  • 2nd – 5th = +7 points
  • 6th – 15th = +5 points
  • 16th – 25th = +3 points
  • Each Elimination = +1 point

Literally, anything could happen in just a single match, and top-placed players could lose their advantage. So, basically said, no one’s safe. Below you can take a look at the current standings. Keep in mind that the US East qualifier is about to begin and there will be some changes going on in the process. You can find the leaderboards in the table below (US East Top 10):

Rank Player Name Points
1. SEN Bugha 69
2. Dubs fn 68
3. Ghost Bizzle 65
4. TSM_Comadon 63
5. Liquid Vivid 60
6. 100T Ceice 60
7. Envy LeNain 60
8. Secret Fuzzy 60
9. KingTrigg 60
10. Ghost Assault 59

The list is updated in response to the official Epic Games leaderboard.

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