Fortnite X Avengers Teaser 2 released, Mjolnir on the lookout

In Fortnite’s new section, we’ve received an update of the Fortnite X Avengers upcoming game mode. In the light of the upcoming movie, Fortnite will receive a new game mode related to it, slated to release on 04.25.2019.

The second teaser showcases what’s supposed to be Thor’s Hammer, also known as Mjolnir. But the hand holding the Mjolnir belongs to the Fishstick skin. Nevertheless, this could point out that players can receive a new weapon in resemblance to the Infinity Sword.

This means the Mjolnir may fall into the player’s hands granting them power. Unlike the first episode, it is probably not only a word about Thanos. Other Avengers characters will most likely take place in the Fortnite X Avengers event for which a mix of challenges may surface.

However, we’re 2 days away from its official arrival and will be beneficial to wait until then. Creating lightheaded theories can only cause trouble. Blank hypotheses have never been counted as beneficial. Therefore, let’s see what’s going to happen in 2 days from now.

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