Grumpy, Happy, Sneezy event sounds datamined in patch 8.50

New event sounds have been datamined. The new so-called event Grumpy holds a strange sound. It is a word about a moving object, that’s most likely heading towards the bunker. Is it the last piece of the puzzle? It still remains unknown, but according to recent studies, players believe that under Loot Lake, there’s a Space Ship instead of just a bunker.

Nevertheless, with all these patch notes and discoveries, without insider info, we cannot confirm anything in particular with the event. So far, the Grumpy sound event has been leaked by Hypex, which is a known data miner.

You can find his tweet below:

It is probably a word about one of runes heading to the bunker in loot lake. Possibly, the last one. Other people believe it is a word about the return of Kevin. After replaying the sound for a couple of times, we are sceptic of Kevin’s return, but looking forward to whatever’s going to happen with Loot Lake.

In the meantime, Hypex leaked two more event sounds entitled as Happy, and Sneezy. You can take a hear below:

Sneezy event sound

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