Halo Infinite May Crown itself with a Battle Royale game mode – Rumor

Everyone is has a promiscuous feeling about a Battle Royale genre set in Halo. Yes, most of the itches inspired by the Battle Royale genre itself may bring another title into the Battle Royale genre. This time, unlike everything before, it will be a word about the Halo series, for which Twitch Streamers and fans of the series across the world have been praising its potential arrival.

Even though it’s a word about a rumor, we all know how rumors eventually end in the gaming industry. They’re most likely followed with a greatly inspired content, and in this case, a Battle Royale game mode set in Halo Infinite. Halo Infinite insiders have already claimed that the game would be one of the most expensive games ever. Alongside that, he added that it will emphasize a Battle Royale game mode.

On the other side, 343 Industries claim that the upcoming Halo Infinite Battle Royale game mode doesn’t hold water. With that being said, we’re left on the middle of the road. Halo Infinite hasn’t discovered its official multiplayer game modes. Therefore, we cannot judge if there’s going to be any Battle Royale game mode, or maybe some game mode being inspired by it.

It is still planned to be heavily relied and based on Multiplayer, in which players could find a healthy amount of game modes that will catch up to its existence. Halo Infinite may also be a deciding factor on something new, that combines Battle Royale mechanics with something else.

So far, nothing has been claimed to strengthen the rumor with more evidence. The next stop in which more info will be discovered is E3 2019, which one of the closest events in which video game release dates are discovered. Without an official release date, Halo Infinite stretches a mark as a dormant competitor in the Battle Royale genre.

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