Hitman 2 New Content Revealed, Here are the Details

Hitman 2 is getting new content in the following months which includes new locations, new missions, new sniper maps, new unlocks, new Ghost Mode locations and more, as announced by the developers IO Interactive.

IO Interactive released a list of all new content coming this year, and here is what to expect in the following months.

Hitman 2 Spring New Content

  • New Sniper Map: Hantu Port (Gold Edition, Silver Edition)
  • Unlock: Flamingo Costume
  • Unlock: El Matador
  • Ghost Mode: Santa Fortuna
  • Theme: Spring Break
  • Items and Emotes

Hitman 2 Summer New Content

  • New Location: The Bank (Gold Edition, Silver Edition)
  • Mission: Special Assignment: Embrace of the Serpent (Gold Edition, Silver Edition)
  • Mission: Special Assignment: Illusions of Grandeur (Gold Edition, Silver Edition)
  • Theme: Jungle Summer

Hitman 2 Fall New Content

  • New Sniper Map: The Prison (Gold Edition)
  • New Location: The Resort (Gold Edition)
  • Mission: Special Assignment (Gold Edition)
  • Mission: Special Assignment (Gold Edition)
  • Unlock: Outfit
  • Unlock: Antique Knife
  • Ghost Mode: Mumbai
  • Theme: The Rivals
  • Theme: Halloween

For last, there will be weekly live content released featuring:

  • Challenge Packs
  • Elusive Targets
  • Featured Contracts
  • Community Escalations

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