If you buy PS4 Pro from Best Buy you’ll get a chance to get a PS Classic too

A new sale has arisen on the Best Buy catalog. A sale in which a purchase will result in a free console. The product required to purchase is PS4 Pro, which adds chances of receiving a brand new PS Classic. It is an offer that may poke a nostalgic feeling across the elders who had the chance to dive into PlayStation’s baby steps.

The PS Classic on the other side hasn’t been as successful as first thought. The developers have reduced its price tag very fast since release, even down to $40. That being said, there’s not much to do but include in a variety of offers, such as Best Buy’s.

With that being said, PS4 Pro sales would also reward buyers with a PS Classic during its promotion. However, there’s no discount available for the PlayStation 4 Pro. The offer would be greatly acceptable only if the PS4 Pro had a discount.

While Sony’s PS4 success is still bolstering, the PS Classic will just remain as a successful predecessor, nothing more. To inform yourselves more, make sure you visit Best Buy’s official website.

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