League of Legends 9.7 brings changes to Items, Runes, ARAM

Patch 9.7 has been published by Riot Games, holding a piece of information dedicated to changing many of the in-game maps. The most favorite MOBA still continues to develop, as the re-launch of Butcher’s Bridge in the ARAM game mode is brought back. Furthermore, patch 9.7 also brings a variety of item and rune changes.

However, ARAM is the main focus in the update, and every player will now be able to get rid of a single champion by banning before the random selection occurs. Additionally, ARAM will get a new summoner spell to diminish the Barrier: Backtrack. Now let’s hop onto the items which are considered to be the core part of the game.

Three very important items will get alteration. Those are, Enchantment: Cinderhulk, The Dark Seal and Wit’s End. Cinderhulk is being buffed for a higher damage of 300%, while The Dark Seal is being nerfed and its sell value is lowered to almost half.

Wit’s End is completely reworked. Wits End now costs 2900 gold and has movement speed, but also health stealing mechanic as Passive.

Runes are probably the most distinguished part of the game and received a couple of changes themselves. The third row of the Domination tree is revised. Riot Games is still struggling to find a certain balance between items and characters.

A couple of legends are also receiving changes. Both buffs and nerfs will be deployed with patch 9.7. For more detailed info you can find the patch video below:

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