Leaks discover Anthem may receive new weapons and armor

Even if looter-shooter video games should contain more content than anything else, it was not the thing with Anthem. Anthem’s development was probably rushed, and like any other video game nowadays, it is hard to find its unique gameplay since it included content for an Early Access video game. The gameplay itself and how everything plays out feels really satisfying, however, the content is too small.

Nevertheless, recent leaks have started popping out. Even if Anthem lost a huge amount of player base, BioWare hasn’t concluded destruction. Instead, they praise to what’s about to come in the future, as well as a promise to many additions in Anthem. While they’re still figuring out how to bring their player base back, according to recent leaks, Anthem may receive new weapons and armor to enhance its current state of the game.

Dataminers do their job, but are the devs listening to the players?

Do not get us wrong. Not that the game or its gameplay it’s bad, but there’s this lack of content that’s killing players. Now, by receiving new Armor and Weapons, things may become a lot more interesting for sure, but that won’t make players go anyway different than what’s currently included in the game.

While currently, there’s only Masterwork and Legendary Items, they do not give a kick to the game, because they’re looking completely the same as other weapons. It basically comes to a word about reskins, giving no unique style to any weapon. Now, even if there’s a potential leak to be true, the Armor and the Weapons may somewhat bring changes but in slight difference.

Adding just these two assets won’t be that big of a deal to Anthem’s player base. The huge backlash is still there and the gamers who want to see this game growing are torn apart by watching the opposite. With that being said, this leak should be taken with a grain of salt. It is more scary than trustful.

The lack of Factions is still there. Even though at the end of the campaign we’ve been introduced that something else is coming, it is still unknown when is that infiltration going to start.

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